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Podiatry Home Visits - Ask us about this convenient option

Find it too hard to leave the house due to disability?

Contact us to see how easy it can be for you to get podiatry treatment at home. 

$25 home attendance fee ON TOP of normal clinic fees* **

Attendance fee only partially covers lost income due to extra time needed to attend home visits and travel expenses to get to and from your home. So please be aware that charging $25 is a small amount compared to other professions and is most probably cheaper than a one way taxi ride.

*$25 Fee is applicable to medicare EPC clients  - $0 home attendance fee for DVA Gold card holders -
** We reserve the right to choose if you are eligible for a home visit depending on your ability to attend the clinic. We reserve the right to not travel out of our local service areas. 

Treat Your Feet At Fully Feet

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