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Sterile Instrument Medical Pedicure - Nail and Hard Skin

Come to us to see how easy and pain free your regular palliative foot care care be!

Why are you still doing it yourself? We all know it's getting harder to get to your feet. 

Is your sore back stopping you getting down? Do you have diabetes are need professional care to avoid infection?


We offer Professional services with many years expert experience in:
- Nail cutting and shaping/filing,
- Ingrown Nail Removal
- Thick nail treatment
- Nail Thinning
- Fungal Nail Infection Treatment

- Thinning and Removal of Hard skin

- Callous reduction

- Removing corn lumps

- Reduction and smoothing of Callous, Removal of Corns, 

- Smoothing of cracked and flaky or dry skin

- Heel Fissure thinning and alleviation of associated pain
- Wart Freezing, Bacterial, Fungal Skin Infections
- Strapping and Deflective Felt Padding applied to feet Post Treatment
- Custom made Silicon Toe Separators
- Sale of Silipos, Tubefoam and other hard skin alleviators

And of course we Sterilise to Australian Surgical Standards to avoid nasty infections often caught at Nail Salons.

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Treat Your Feet At Fully Feet

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